Daughters & Sons / Love Will Light The Way
Over the past several years, we have been inundated with images of children slain at the hand of a gun. Across America, an average of ten children die each day, shot by guns. How many more children must die before we as a society come to our collective senses?
As the parent of a daughter and son, it occurred to me that music could help to change the attitude of Americans towards guns. Music is a powerful medium, and gives us the opportunity to stop and reflect about issues that matter to us. I sat down and penned the words to Daughters and Sons. This song is a tribute to our slain children and a rallying cry to parents. Sonny Geraci's rendition of this song is exactly what I envisioned when I conceived the song. And the fine music of my song-writing partner Tony Bodanza underscores the message.
Also included on this CD are the additional songs Love Will Light The Way and Precious & Few, the live version. Love Will Light The Way was inspired by comments of Barbra Streisand at her January 1, 2000, Timeless Millennium concert performance in Las Vegas, Nevada. This song is magnificently performed by Debi Lewin, one of America's great female vocalists. Love Will Light The Way reminds us that the promise of tomorrow is the child of today. And Precious & Few tells us to cherish the time that we have with our loved ones.
I hope that these songs can make a difference. I ask only that you listen to the message of these songs and think about what we as a society can do to stop the madness.

Cover Photo:
A young couple embrace on Sunday, April 25, 1999, at a memorial service for the victims of the Columbine High School shooting rampage in Littleton, CO. (AP photo/Eric Gay)

Daughters And Sons Listen to excerpt
Who is this child we bury today?
Only one of our Daughters And Sons.
Will the killing end here,
Or must we live in fear,
That the horror has only begun?
What can we do, to undo what we've done,
By showing our children the point of a gun?
Can together we stand,
And bring peace to this land?
Make it safe for our Daughters and Sons?
Our Daughters and Sons,
Daughters and Sons,
We show them hatred and guns,
Our own Daughters and Sons.
If we could only undo,
All the damage we've done,
To our Daughters and Sons.
We must lay down our arms,
Lift our children above.
All the madness in life,
We must teach them to love.
Let the message go out.
All across this great land.
That united we're gonna stand.
Who is to blame for what we've become?
Where did the anger and hate a/I come from?
If we place in harm's way,
Those we love every day,
Then for certain we know what will come.
The right to bear arms,
Is the right to defend,
Not the right to take innocent lives.
Let the lives of the slain,
Be an end to the pain,
Of America's husbands and wives.
Who is this child we bury today?
Only one the innocent ones.
Though we haven't learned yet,
We must never forget,
What we owe to our Daughters and Sons.

Love Will Light The Way
When I was just a child I heard a wise man say
Put your faith in love
And love will light the way
And what that wise man said It is just as true today
If we put our faith in love
Then love will light the way
In the dawn of this new era
In the light of this new day
Can we find the strength and purpose
To let love light the way?
Let peace and understanding
Be the goals that we achieve
For the love we give to others
Is the love that we receive
Love is a beacon, shining bright
For all the world to see
If we seek a peace that's lasting
It will shine on you and me
Let no child know of hunger
Bring an end to hate and war
We can make a world that's brighter
That will last forever more
The promise of tomorrow
Is the child of today
With a unity of purpose
Let us lift our voice to say
That the time is here for everyone
To build a better day
We can find the peace were seeking
If we let love light the way

All songs written by
Hal Pollock and Tony Bodanza
ASCAP / Esquire Publishing, Inc.
Daughter & Sons, arranged by: Tony Bodanza,
Bob Pelander, Sonny Geraci, Rich Spina, and
Mike Crisclone. Produced by Sonny Geraci, Rich
Spina, and Mike Criscione.
Love Will Light The Way arranged by:
Tony Bodanza, Bob Pelander

American Spirit Listen to excerpt
World Gone Mad
(A Tribute to the Fallen)
In flames and screams
Our hopes and dreams
Came crashing to the ground
The blackened skies ,
The anguished cries
Of loved ones all around
We opened our doors
And brought to our shores
A terror we never have known
And now they all say
It's the price that we pay
For all of the seeds we have sown
What has become of the peace that we had?
Can we find hope when we feel so sad?
Now that we know
From a fiery glow
That we live in a world gone mad
We will remember the terrible pain
And we will remember the fire and rain
Forever changed
Our lives rearranged
We vow they did not die In vain
This Is the land and the home of the free
Committed to peace and we always will be
We will survive
We will keep hope alive
We will conquer this great tragedy
To those left behind and whose loved ones are gone
The ones that so many depended upon
We hope and we pray
That with each passing day
God will give you the strength to go on

Written by:
Hal Pollock - Esquire Publishing, Inc.
Bob Pelander

American Spirit
America's bravest are going to war
To face the unknown on a far distant shore
The forces of evil are destined to fall
As American Spirit unites one and all
American Spirit American Pride
Will never be conquered
Though many have tried
For love of our country
For those who have died American Spirit
Is burning Inside
Now is this time we are put to the test
Until victory's ours then we never can rest
America's rivals will all soon be found
Never again to set foot on our ground
The voice of America now will be heard
In canyons and deserts, by deed and by word
And those who would harm us will all come to
hear it And know our resolve, the American Spirit

Written by:
Hal Pollock and Tony Bodanza ASCAP / Esquire Publishing, Inc.

September 11, 2001 is day that we will never forget, the day America lost her innocence.
In spite of the terrible disaster and the devastating loss of innocent lives, there was some good to be found beneath the rubble of that awful day. It has marked the beginning of a new era of an unprecedented sense of community and a realization that our differences as Americans are slight compared to what we have in common.
It also made us understand what real heroism is all about - the brave police, firefighters and volunteers who raced into hell on earth to save the lives of others, many making the ultimate sacrifice. The passengers on Flight 93 who stood and fought against impossible odds to save others on the ground.
September 11, 2001 was a tragedy too great to comprehend, to unspeakable for words. And yet, words are all we have.
The attack on America was an assault on freedom, and a vicious blow struck against all that we hold sacred - life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. And yet, some things remained untouched, the things that no terrorist can ever hope to defeat - a sense of unity and purpose, a new appreciation of freedom, a profound love for our flag and everything it stands for, and an iron-willed resolve to crush terrorism and bring the evil-doers to justice.
America will be stronger for all she has suffered. Americans will persevere, together, united as one. The American spirit will endure.
This song is a humble tribute to the innocent souls who lost their lives and the loved ones who mourn them. We will always remember.
It is also a tribute to those Americans, 300 million strong, who will settle for nothing less than justice, security and peace - and make things right again.

Hal Pollock


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