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Hal Pollock

Hal Pollock was born in 1950 in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated Cleveland Heights High School in 1968. Thereafter, he attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, majoring in sociology. He graduated in 1972, moving on to Chicago to attend law school.

Pollock graduated from DePaul University Law School in Chicago, Illinois in 1975. He returned to Cleveland and began work with a Cleveland law firm. Pollock subsequently worked as an attorney for a Cleveland title company, gaining valuable experience and expertise in real estate transactions. In 1986, he opened his own law practice, specializing in complex litigation, predominantly related to business and real estate matters. The firm's history includes several high profile cases.

In 1999, Pollock decided to expand the application of his writing skills beyond the legal arena. He teamed up with top area musicians and began writing song lyrics. He also formed a music publishing company and an independent record label (Esquire Records). More than 20 songs written by Pollock have been recorded by local and national performing artists. On 9/11 Pollock penned A World Gone Mad, a tribute to the persons killed in that tragedy. Pollock thereafter co-wrote the song American Spirit and caused a CD to be created by that name. Pollock also created a powerful tribute CD to the victims of the Columbine shooting called Daughters and Sons.

In 2003, Pollock applied his imagination and talent for rhyme to his first effort at writing a book for children, inspired by late-night noises in his own home that reminded him of childhood concerns about monsters lurking in the house. So Many Monsters was written in three days. Illustrated by John Beukemann, early draft copies were circulated among friends and family. The enthusiastic response prompted Pollock to write more, always relating to the age-old fear and fascination with childhood monsters. Monstermania, Monster at the Bat and Monster for President quickly followed.

Pollock continues to practice law and is developing other businesses as well. He is also now finishing his first legal thriller. Pollock lives in suburban Cleveland with his wife, Susan, a long time special education teacher. The Pollocks have two children, Cheryl and Ryan.